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Trophies Etruscan

Pattern Category: Based on Chinese Originals

Object Type: Wares for Breakfast and Tea


  • Diameter: 6.25 inches


In this example, the Trophies Etruscan pattern is printed in blue underglaze on an earthenware tea plate. This is one of four versions of the Trophies pattern by Spode that use Chinese trophy symbols.  This pattern name has evolved from a combination of the name for the border, Etruscan, and the center pattern, Trophy.  Leonard Whiter used these names but contracted them resulting in the name Trophies Etruscan and this nomenclature has been retained.  The Four Treasures featured in the center pattern are represented by the symbols of the four fine arts: music, chess, calligraphy and painting. The central medallion represents The Hundred Antiques.

Drakard/Holdway Pattern Number P629

Mark Types and IDs

Transfer Printed 31