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This site is dedicated to Robert Copeland (1925-2010), whose life-long commitment to the Spode Company, its people, products and history, was the inspiration for this exhibition.


This exhibition was made possible through a generous donation from Klaus and Marcia Zech
and through a research grant from The Transferware Collectors Club

Sponsoring Organizations

The Transferware Collectors Club

The Winterthur Museum
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The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

Content Consultants

There are a few individuals without whose generous help this website would not have been possible. In acknowledging their contributions we thank them for access to their researches and archives - any errors in interpretation are our own.
Paul Holdway: author of books on the subject of Spode printed designs, shared his vast experience as a
design engraver for Spode and gave us a unique perspective on the subject.
Nicholas Moore: an extraordinary collector of Spode made his comprehensive collection of early
printed wares available to us, bringing this project much closer to a definitive exhibition of Spode patterns.
Peter Roden: his work on the history of the Spode family and the manor court rolls is model for historical
research, and he most generously shared his private and published work.

Content Contributors: Individuals

We thank the following individuals who gave of their time and expertise contributing valuable content:

Nancy Barraster
Bill and Marguerite Coles
Robert Copeland
Patricia Halfpenny
Richard and Rosemary Halliday
Paul and Kathy Holdway

Colin and Patricia Knight
Dora Landey
Steve Millington
Connie Rogers
Michael Sack
David and Louise Scriven

Deborah Skinner
Judie Siddall
Jeff Siptak
Sue and Frank Wagstaff
Loren Zeller

Content Contributors: Organizations

Norfolk Museums Service
The National Portrait Gallery
The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery,

The Transferware Collectors Club
The Winterthur Museum & Country Estate
Victoria and Albert Museum, Lond

Exhibition Project Team

Diedra Dodd
Patricia Halfpenny
Richard Halliday
Laura Johnson


Scott Mangieri
Kurt O’Hare
Cheryl Payne
Michael Sack


Judie Siddall
Loren Zeller