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Shape Book Index

The Spode shape book was a working document, listing thrown shapes, predominantly for bone china production.  Annotations in the book indicate that  some shapes date from 1815, others from the 1820s and occasionally suggests that the shapes may have been made in other bodies in addition to bone china.   There is a thumbnail sketch of each object with the finished  or "trade size" often noted below. To the immediate right of the sketch are the dimensions for the throwers  who made the piece on the wheel; further right are the dimensions for the turner who trimmed the final shape.  When fired, the piece shrunk to "trade size".  


The shape book was compiled over time and is not  divided into categories of ware.  You are free to browse all 173 pages.  Browse the Book »

To look for a particular shape you may wish to consult the general index below.  It is based on the names of objects found in the shape book.  Click on the required shape to find the relevant pages.

General index

Broth bowls 
Butter tubs
Cabinet cups
Chocolate & Caudle cups
Coffee wares Custards
Centrepieces, cream & salad bowls
Dressing table items 




Egg cups and hoops
Garden pots
Ice pails & Wine coolers  
Incense burners & Phosphorous pots
Matchpots, & Spill jars
Miscellaneous (general) 
Tableware (miscellaneous)



Punch bowls 
Scent jars & Pot pourri containers
Toilet wares
Vases & Jars
Violet pots & baskets




shape book examples

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