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Trophies Dagger (Fitzhugh)

Pattern Category: Based on Chinese Originals

Alternate Names: Fitzhugh

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


  • Diameter: 7.75 inches


Spode produced a number of variations of this pattern by varying the border and the center motif.  This version, while closest to P630-1, is different from all of the four versions Drakard and Holdway include in their list of Trophies Dagger (Fitzhugh) patterns. 

Spode used the name Fitzhugh, a name associated with Chinese porcelain patterns that had become popular in the United States near the end of the eighteenth century, to describe patterns that employed a trellis and diaper border used to accompany selected center designs. These center designs included one with four groups of flowers with objects surrounding a medallion-like design, and others with armorial devices and monograms. Today, the name Fitzhugh is commonly used to as an alternate name for Trophies Dagger.

The distinguishing characteristics of this example are the added inner border, or nankin, with a honeycomb motif and the absence of pattern in the very center.  This example is printed in blue underglaze on a circular earthenware plate. 

Drakard/Holdway Pattern Number P630-1

Mark Types and IDs

Transfer Printed 31