Spode began two color underglaze printing in 1824 pre-dating by many years the later method of multi-color printing which is usually attributed to Feliz Pratt.  Spode's method involved applying a sticky substance, commonly referred to by the workers as "ackey," to the first color laid down, or to areas that the worker did not wish to affect with the second color. This sustance was impervious to oil or color and could later be washed off.  Adding additional colors by hand within the printed pattern before glazing was also a method used to achieve a multi-colored appearance.  Lastly, the factory also added color by "enameling" or applying colors over the glaze.


Cup and Saucer
Dessert Dish
Dessert Dish
Dessert Plate
Hand Bowl
Ice Pail
Sauce Tureen and Stand
Tea Cup, Coffee Can and Saucer