Robert Copeland has documented eight distinct versions of blue produced by the Spode factory, but variations often occurred.  Early designs were printed in a very dark blue.  As knowledge of the use of cobalt evolved, the factory produced wares in different hues--from midnight blue to versions with more red, such as royal blue, to mandarin, and some in lighter shades--all in an effort to respond to their customers preferences.


A Domestic Ceremony
A Wreath for the Victor
An Ancient Bath at Cacamo in Caramania
Ancient Granary at Cacamo
Ancient Granary at Cacamo
Antique Fragments at Limisso
Antique Fragments at Limisso
Apollo Seated on a Winged Chair
Armorial - Captain Grace
Armorial - Thomas Greene
Artemis Drawn by a Griffin
Artemis Drawn by Griffin and Lynx
Atremis with Two Lynx
Attack of the Griffin
Bacchus Mounted on a Panther
Battle Between a Buffalo and a Tiger
Bellerephon's Victory Over Chimera
Blue Rose 1
Blue Rose 2
Border Pattern, Indian Sporting
Botanical 1
Botanical 2
Botanical 3
Botanical 4
Botanical 5
Botanical 9
Botanical 10
Botanical 11