Thomas Minton
Thomas Minton was born in 1766 in Shropshire and trained as an engraver under Thomas Turner at the Salopian China Works in Caughley. He left Shropshire for the Staffordshire Potteries where he is believed to have played a part in Spode’s successful venture into underglaze blue printing. In 1793 Minton set up his own business with Joseph Pownall and Joseph Poulson of Liverpool as his partners. Poulson died in 1808 and Thomas Minton took his sons into partnership trading as Thomas Minton and Sons until his death in 1836. See Minton & Boyle.
Tortoiseshell decoration was made by sponging colored powder or slip onto biscuit creamware, when glazed and fired these colors ran and mingled with soft glaze creating a tortoiseshell effect. This kind of decoration was popular from the 1740s to the 1780s.
transfer printing