Nicholas Moore, author of Spode Greek, the most comprehensive study of the pattern Spode introduced in 1806, has identified more than forty different scenes recorded on center panels set against a vine sheet background.  The border consists of four different vases, which remain constant by both design and position and four different figurative panels that vary piece to piece.  Early pieces were printed underglaze in blue.  Later on, the factory produced other more elaborate colored wares in selected Greek patterns. 

A Domestic Ceremony
A Wreath for the Victor
Apollo Seated on a Winged Chair
Artemis Drawn by a Griffin
Artemis Drawn by Griffin and Lynx
Atremis with Two Lynx
Attack of the Griffin
Bacchus Mounted on a Panther
Bellerephon's Victory Over Chimera
Centaurs Battling Theseus
Ceres with a Priestess
Cynisca Winning the Chariot Race
Four Figures in Battle
Four Figures in battle Variation
Heracles Fighting Hippolyta
Heracles in a Comedy
Horse and Dismounted Rider
Iphigenia Being Told of the Death of Agamemnon
Latona and the Serpent
Nuptial Preparations
Nuptial Preparations
Offerings to Bacchus
Offerings to Demeter
Refreshment for Phliasian Horseman
Rowboat Fisherman
Sacrifice to Bacchus
Sacrifice to Bacchus Variation
The Feast
The Horse Race
The Horseman
The Offering of a Drink
Zeus in His Chariot